About us – the story behind Whybricks

Whybricks is an innovation from Microbric. Microbric’s vision is to develop resources to support educators in STEM to achieve extraordinary outcomes. Visit the Microbric website for more information and to view our full product range.

Microbric is an Australian company based in South Australia. Microbric has been providing quality affordable educational products to schools and educators since 2004.

Whybricks was born from a desire to make physical science fun for students and to provide an alternative to laboratory-based experiments. Whybricks was designed to encourage students to ask themselves why? And thus, develop skills to help them connect concepts to real-world objects.

Our products are clean, safe, inclusive, expandable, and robust. Each product has been designed to provide users with a range of combinations and learning possibilities.



Contact us

Phone:  +61 8 8166 7193 (Australia)

Email: write us through our contact us form

Mail: PO Box 8052, Grange, SA 5022

Scientific inquiry made fun

More products from Microbric

Looking for more great quality educational products? Check out our other products:

Edison robots – A robust educational robot designed to bring coding to life for students and help teachers deliver meaningful 21st century education.

Invention Engine – An exciting hands-on platform for learning computer science. The system contains a programmable Invention Engine hub and a range of connectable Invention Engine bits (including LEDs, motors, and sensors) all of which can be easily attached to cardboard allowing coded creations to come to life.

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