Physical Science Lessons

Why teach physical science with Whybricks?

By enabling students to explore topics through physical science, students engage in kinaesthetic learning, allowing them to experiment with productive trial-and-error and bridge potential gaps between theory and practice. The Whybricks kit, along with the supporting lessons, can help students tangibly access topics that can otherwise feel abstract. Whybricks allow students to explore physical science and engineering phenomenon in a hands-on and engaging way.

The Whybricks lessons use the Whybricks kit to help to support or elevate understanding for any type of learner. The Whybricks kit offers a way to bring hands-on learning in as a functional part of each Whybricks lesson plan.


Why use the “But, Why?” lessons?

The But, Why? investigations help students invest in their learning through active and hands-on science and engineering. The ‘why’ question format drives the inquiry nature of each investigation, exploring different aspects of physical science and engineering.

The pedagogy behind the But, Why? Whybricks lessons set is to deliver physical science education holistically. Through the investigations, students will:
• encounter facts (for example, Newton’s second law is mathematically expressed as F=ma),
• exercise a scientific mindset (for example, making observations by answering ‘what do you notice?’ and developing questions by considering ‘what do you wonder?’),
• participate in scientific and engineering practices (for example, by planning and carrying out an experiment or by developing and iterating a design), and
• make real-world connections between the world around them and the material they are learning.

Each But, Why? Whybricks investigation is slightly different. As every investigation explores different physical science and engineering topics, the layout and activities of each one differs to best enable meaningful learning to be achieved. There is no set order in which the investigations should be explored and no wrong-way of adjusting an investigation to suit your students or curriculum.

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