Managing Whybricks in your classroom or educational space

The components of each Whybricks kit are supplied with the intention of being a ‘pool of parts.’ 
The parts can be organised and stored as best suits your classroom and students.

Some ideas for managing the Whybricks kits in your classroom include:

  • Create individual 210-part student kits for each student.
  • Make up packs with just the parts needed for a specific lesson activity or project.
  • Make ‘STEM boxes’ with instructions and pieces for a challenge for rotation stations.
  • Divide up the full kit, arranged by part type, into a storage tray-style storage system, allowing students to find and use the parts they need.
  • Provide only a selection of parts in a mixed pack for semi-open and open-ended projects, limiting students from being overwhelmed or distracted by other parts and providing an engineering constraint.
  • Keep all the parts mixed together in a single pile free-for-all.
Student using Whybricks in the classroom

Looking for even more ways to manage Whybricks?

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