Making physical science tangible

Whybricks is an educational construction set that helps bring physical science concepts to life for students and teachers.

Why choose Whybricks?

Whybricks is designed for educational spaces.

The Whybricks kit, paired with the free Whybricks lessons, helps students make tangible sense of topics that can otherwise feel abstract. Whybricks supports students to explore physical science and engineering phenomenon in an engaging, hands-on, minds-on way.

Whybricks is supported by a complete set of free educational resources tied to key physical science and engineering learning objectives. Each self-contained activity delivers meaningful educational outcomes. Intentionally flexible, the lessons can be delivered in any order to help introduce concepts, solidify understanding, or explore a particular topic further.

Hands-on physical science

Bridge the gap between theory and practice. Explore physical science concepts kinesthetically, engage in productive trial-and-error, and build the understanding of complex concepts. Whybricks is ideal for every type of learner.

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Inquiry-based learning

Inquiry-based lessons help teachers transfer agency over learning to students. Diving into interesting ‘why’ questions drives students on an investigative learning journey, exploring different aspects of physical science and engineering.

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Meaningful engineering

Whybricks empowers students to be problem-solvers. Engineering-focused investigations help students work through the engineering design process, from goal setting to evaluation, in a painless but meaningful way.

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Hands-on, minds-on education

Whybricks is set to deliver physical science education holistically. Through each investigation students will:

  • encounter facts (for example, Newton’s second law is mathematically expressed as F=ma),
  • exercise a scientific mindset (for example, making observations by answering ‘what do you notice?’ and developing questions by considering ‘what do you wonder?’),
  • participate in scientific and engineering practices (for example, by planning and carrying out an experiment or by developing and iterating a design), and 
  • make real-world connections between the world around them and the material they are learning. 
Whybricks - Hands on physics education
Whybricks - engaging activities

Activities your students will love

Whybricks lessons use captivating physical builds including fidget spinners, catapults, snowboards and carts. Each activity is designed to keep your students engaged and excited from start to end. Introducing physical science concepts, including Newton’s laws of motion, force, and gravity, has never been easier!

Lesson plans and teaching resources

Complete with free teacher’s guides plus student materials written at grade-appropriate reading levels and focused on topics students love, Whybricks helps educators deliver meaningful lessons on intangible physical science concepts required in the late primary, middle school and early high school years in curriculums worldwide.

Priced for the classroom

 Featuring bulk packaging, excellent quality building pieces, classroom-friendly colours and great pricing, Whybricks is designed for success in educational spaces.

Designed for schools, libraries, makerspaces and clubs.

Containing 2100 interlocking building blocks, beams, pegs, gears and other parts, Whybricks is affordable for the entire class to work individually or in pairs.

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